Christmas information for John

      Christmas information for John

      I have been asked by a few fans of John's if there is an address where cards can be mailed to him for Christmas. When I asked him he told me that he would rather his fans send a card to his mom in place of him this year. So all of you who were wondering what John would like from his fans this Christmas, now you know... he would like you to send his mom a Christmas card.

      John's mom, Shirley, has been having severe pain in her back and has been in and out of the hospital while doctors are diagnosing her problem. There is no way to know for sure where she will be at Christmas time. For that reason John has asked me to collect the cards for her and then closer to Christmas mail them all in a package to wherever she is at the time. So please send your Christmas card for Shirley to the following address and I will make sure she gets them all in time for Christmas.

      Phyllis Hinkle
      PO Box 328
      Batavia, OH 45103

      Please do NOT address the envelope to Shirley. I was told by the postal clerk that the envelope would have to be addressed to me in order for them to put it into my box. I am only using this PO Box for Shirley so everything sent to it will be sent on to her before Christmas.

      If you talk with her please do not mention this. We want it to be a surprise when she receives everything.

      Thank you from me and a special "Thank You" from John.