exciting opportunity

      exciting opportunity

      Do you have questions which you have always wanted to ask the 2nd unit stunt crew of the "Dukes of Hazzard"? You are going to get your chance to do just that!

      I have some exciting news for you! While I was in North Carolina this past weekend at the Hazzard County BBQ "Dukes" head mechanic Tom Sarmento gave me some information to pass on to you which I think you are going to love. Tom told me that he will be meeting with Gary Schneider, Wayne Wooten, Harrell Thornton, and John Weyrick on October 12 in Chicago. The five of them are going to be taping a "Talk Around Interview" in which they will be telling "Dukes" stories and answering those questions you have always wondered about. These stories and questions/answers will become a DVD or maybe even a book!

      Please message me your "Dukes" questions for the 2nd unit stunt crew. I will get them sent on for you so that they may become part of this production.

      All questions are needed to be sent to me by October 1st. That gives you a week to get them to me.