Important Info About John Schneider Newsletters

      Important Info About John Schneider Newsletters


      Scott, who runs John's online website, recently switched newsletter services. Now I know that all of you who receive John's newsletters really like them and want to continue receiving them. In order to continue getting them though you HAVE to let this newsletter service know that you want to get the newsletters. If you do not tell them you want the newsletters then you will not receive any more of them.

      So action is needed NOW! You can do this in one of two ways.

      1. This is the easiest as you won't have to wait for anything.

      Go to John's Online Website

      On the left hand side of the page you will see this
      Register for John Schneider Online email updates. Under that will be a blue oval saying "register now"
      Click on that blue "register now"

      Then another page will open. On this page you need to type your email address in the box and check a couple of boxes saying what you are interested in. Then type the numbers you see in another box called access code. They have to make sure you aren't a robot. Then click "subscribe".

      You will go to another page that tells you that you will get an email. The email comes immediately into your email inbox. The subject of the email is
      John Schneider Online Mailing List -- Action Required. Open that email and next to a dot it will say "Yes I want to join!". Click on those words and it will tell you that you have registered for the newsletters.

      I think I made it sound harder than what it is. It's really quite simple and only takes a couple minutes of your time. I did this earlier today and it is easy to do.

      2. IF you would rather wait, then you should get an email from John Schneider Online. You will have to follow the directions in that email to "opt in" or approve getting the newsletters.

      I really found it easy to just go to the website and register but you can do either 1 or 2 above. If you don't do one of these you will not receive any more newsletters from John Schneider Online.

      Please help get this information out to all your family and friends who want to receive the John Schneider Online newsletters.